人民得到了更多的实惠 the people have received more tangible benefits
大会的主题 the theme of the Congress
不断完社会主义市场经济体制 keep improving the socialist market economy
不断推进理论创新 constantly bring forth theoretical innovation
中央军事委员会 the Central Military Commission
中央纪律检查委员会 the Central Commission for Dissipline Inspection
中共中央委员 member of the Central Committe of the Communist Party of China
中共中央政治局委员 member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the
Communist Party of China
中共中央政治局常委 member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the
Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
中共中央候补委员 alternate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
of China
中华民族传统美德 the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation
中华民族的凝聚力 the cohesion of the chinese nation
中国共产党党章 the Constitution of the Communist Party of China
中国共产党第16次代表大会 the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
反对一切形势的恐怖主义 fight against terrorism of all forms
反对和防止腐败 combat and prevent corruption
反对迷信和伪科学 oppose superstition and pseudo-science
开拓创新 blaze new trails in apioneering spirit
开放要有新局面 break new ground in opening up
无记名投票 cast secret ballots
世界多极化和经济全球化 world multiplarization and economic globalization
以经济发展为中心 with economic development as the central task
加快推进社会主义现代化 speed up socialist modernization
加强和改善党的领导 strengthen and improve the party's leadership
加强思想道德建设 promote ideological and ethical and ethical progress
发展社会主义民主 develop socialist democracy
发展要有新思路 come up with new ideas for development
台湾问题不能无限期地拖延下去 the taiwan question must not be allowed to drag on indefinitely
direct links of mail,air and shipping services and trade across the
taiwan straits
劳动、资本、技术和管理等生产要素按项献参与分配 labor,capital,technoloy,managerial xpertise and other produc-
tion factors participate in the distribution of income in accordance with their contributions
用发展的办法解决前进中的问题 solve problems cropping up on our way forward through development
充分调动一切积极因素 bring all positive factors into full play
全会 plenary session,plenum
全面建设小康社会,开创中国特色社会主义事业新局面 build a well-off society in an all-round way and create a new situ-ation in building socialism with chinese characteristics
全面贯彻“三个代表”重要思想 fully act on the important thought of "Three Represents"
农村税费改革 the reform in tax and fee in rural areas
各项工作要有新举措 take new moves in all fields of endeavor
团结一切可以团结的力量 unite with all forces that can be united

?巩固和发展公有制经济 consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy
行动纲领 program of action
坚持四项基本原则 adhere to the Four Cardinal Principles
坚持党的群众路线 stick to the party's mass line
完善社会保障制度 improve the social security system
彻底查处,严惩不贷 be thoroughly investigated and dealt with without leniency
改革分配制度 reform the distribution system
改革要有新突破 make new breakthroughs in reform
走中国特色的精兵之路 take the road of fewer but better troops with Chinese characteristics
依法治国和以德治国相结合 govern the country by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue
物质文明和精神文明两手抓 attach equal importance to both material and spiritual civilization
城市居民最低生活保障制度 the svstem of subsistence allowances for urban residents
将人民的利益作为一切工作的出发点和目标 take the people's interests as the starting point and goal of all work
政治宣言 political declaration
标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root causes of...
独立自主的和平外交政策 the independent foreign policy of peace
党内民主 inner-party democracy
党对军队的绝对领导 the party's absolute leadership over the army
党的思想、组织作风建设 build up the party ideologically,organizationally and in work style
党的集体智慧的结晶 the crystallization of the party's collective wisdom
捍卫国家主权和领土完整 safeguard state sovereignty and territorial integrity
高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜 hold high the great banner of deng Xiaoping Theory
推进党的建设新的伟大工程 promote the new great project of party building
清正廉洁 be honest and upright
第三步战略部署 the third step of the strategic plan
维护世界和平与促进共同发展 safeguard world peace and promote common development
综合国力 overall national strength
鼓励、支持和指导非公有制经济 encourage,support and guide the non-public sector of the economy
稳定压倒一切的方针 stability is a principle of overriding importance

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